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How to Prepare for a Hearing Aid Appointment

If you’ve decided it’s time to try hearing aids, pat yourself on the back. It’s a decision that often takes years for people to make and is a big step forward—but it’s not the only step. Once you’ve scheduled an appointment with a hearing healthcare professional, there are few more things you should consider preparing […]

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5 Reasons to Give Hearing Aids Another Try

Hearing aids are very personal and can often seem complicated. Since every individual’s hearing loss and subsequent needs are unique, getting hearing aids “just right” the first time can be a challenge. Veterans can become frustrated with the process and may give up a little too soon. We’ve all heard the following reasons why people […]

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Mindful Breathing for Veterans

You’ve trained for the harshest conditions. You can survive for weeks with barely any food and stay alive for days with little water, but you can only live a matter of minutes without air. Breathing is so important that your body does it automatically—which is why we usually don’t think about it. However, becoming aware […]

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A No-Cost* Hearing Loss Solution for Veterans

    If you’re like over 1.1 million veterans, you have some degree of hearing loss, which can make talking on the telephone extremely frustrating, if not impossible. Fortunately, there is a solution!   What is it? It’s a Hamilton CapTel® captioned telephone. A captioned telephone works like any other phone and it displays captions so […]

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Meet Your Veteran Service Officer

Many veterans face a variety of challenges after leaving the military – all of which can have a profound effect on their families in one way or another. While unemployment, homelessness or mental health issues1 are some of the more “high profile” concerns we often hear about, transition challenges, such as writing a resume or […]

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What’s That Sound? It Could Be Tinnitus

Do you regularly hear buzzing or ringing in your ears? If so, you may have tinnitus…. and you’re not alone. Tinnitus (pronounced tin-ni-tus) is a fancy word for “noise in the ears,” which is typically a ringing or buzzing.  According to the Veterans Administration (VA), tinnitus is the number one service-connected health condition reported by […]

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Why Hire Veterans?

Today many veterans face unemployment or underemployment after leaving the military. Some companies avoid hiring veterans because they mistakenly believe the stereotypes and assume most veterans have lingering issues or a “rigid and uncompromising” military posture that may raise unwarranted doubts in the workplace. Hiring managers may also underestimate the value of veterans because they […]

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Is a Service Dog the Right Choice for You?

Dogs have been man’s – and woman’s – best friend for hundreds of years. But service dogs take that friendship to an entirely new level. Service dogs have been active in society for decades to give people with a wide range of disabilities a more active and independent lifestyle. In the past, a service dog […]

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Tips for Talking with Veterans (or anybody else) with Hearing Loss

Learning better ways to communicate with individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing can benefit everyone. However, when it comes to veterans with hearing loss, the standard operating procedures may have a slight twist. That’s because many veterans have multiple health issues that can impact their hearing loss and create situations that call for […]

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Hearing Loss Action Plan

Hearing loss can deeply affect all your relationships. Often, the closer the relationship, the more profoundly it is affected. Your military training has taught you to never start a mission without a plan. So why not apply that same principle to your hearing loss? Take on your hearing loss and other related health issues proactively. […]

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